Bohemian Blogger Lightroom Presets for Instagram Theme

Bohemian Blogger Lightroom Presets for Instagram Theme

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Bohemian Blogger Insta-Theme Collection Lightroom Presets is part of my new Insta Theme Series which is a series of presets crafted to give your images an earthy bohemian styled look. This themed collection includes 10 Lightroom Presets for that are targeted to enhance warm tones (yellows, reds, oranges) and earthy tones (greens, some blues) in your images while adding moody, vibrant, or faded looks. Each preset has a different look for you to pick and develop your Instagram theme from. The presets in the collection range from subtle to drastic changes.

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10 One-Click Filters :

Boho 01 | Green Tint // Boho 02 | Bright + Vibrant // Boho 03 | Cool Fade // Boho 04 | Warm + Moody // Boho 05 | Deep Mood // Boho 06 | Pink Tint // Boho 07 | Warm + Vibrant // Boho 08 | Magenta Mood // Boho 09 | Moody + Green Tint // Boho 10 | Bright + Soft

  • Support File: Installation Instructions + Terms and Conditions
  • Filtercrave's Adjustment Toolkit : 111 Stackable Adjustment Presets
  • 1 Lightroom Brush : Glow Brush
  • Lightroom Print Template :  InstaPlan Template


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It is recommended that you have some basic knowledge of photography and Adobe Lightroom to use this product if you need to make minor adjustments to get the exact result you desire.

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