7 Tips to Capturing Sharp Photos with Your Phone

Capturing tack sharp images can be tricky, here are some tips to help you. | Filtercrave Photography Tips + Lightroom Presets  #photography #photographytips #lightroompresets

A lot times when shooting photos with your phone an image will appear sharp, but later you’ll realize its not as sharp as it could be, or the wrong thing will be in focus. Capturing tack sharp images can be tricky, here are some tips to help you.

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1. Clean your lens

Since your always handling your phone, your likely to get a lot of smudges on your lens. Keep a small cloth on you clean off your phone lens before shooting. You can get a super affordable and easy cleaning kit from Amazon like this Cleaning Kit for Cameras & Electronics

2. Focus modes & Settings

Depending on whether you're using your phones built in camera functions or an apps camera functions (such as Lightroom CC Mobile) you'll need to pay attention to your focusing settings. I recommend sticking to Autofocus in most cases go maintain sharpness. Manual focus can be really tricky on the phone and you might end up focusing on the wrong thing and missing a major moment.

3. Aperture Settings

The aperture is the size of the hole in a lens that allows light to pass through. While a wider aperture (ex: f/1.2) lets in more light and creates a nice bokeh effect, a smaller aperture (ex: f/12) makes it easier to capture an image in focus. A common sweet spot is around f/8 for me. However, many phones and apps manage aperture settings automatically and can often be reliable.

4. Avoid Camera Shake

Camera shake can cause all kinds of blurs and poor focus. You can prevent this by using a tripod or shooting with a fast shutter speed.

5. Sharpen in Editing App

Focus on getting things as sharp as possible first when capturing the image. Because sharpening in your editing app can only do so much if your image or subject was captured out of focus

6. Use Burst Mode/Settings to Capture Movement

Its difficult to capture a moving subject, so use your high shutter speed and burst settings to increase your chances in capturing a sharp images of an action

7. Take A Lot of Photos

Capture as many photos of your subject and set as possible so you'll have many shots to choose from. One of the are bound to be sharp haha.

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