25+ Facebook Groups for Photography Beginners

25 Facebook Groups for Beginner Photographers and Bloggers | Filtercrave Photography Tips + Lightroom Presets

Learning photography can be an intimidating goal, especially when you're doing it all alone. One of the best ways to improve a skill is through engaging with a community within that skill. A photography focused community can offer you endless photo tips, tricks, feedback, and education; while keeping you encouraged to improve. This why I created this list of Facebook groups focused on photography education, equipment, and inspiration that would be great for beginners. 

I'm not a member of all these groups, but I thought I'd share the groups that seemed promising from what I could read in their description. This list isn't in a specific order, and some of the names are the same for different groups. When you join a Facebook group, just make sure you take time to read their rules so you can get the best experience from the group, while making it enjoyable for others.

1. Photography For Beginners

2. Amateur Photographers Cafe

3. Photography Help and Share

4. Photography For Beginners!

5. Photography Beginners

6. DSLR Photography Beginners

7. Landscape Photography for Beginners

8. Photography Equipment a Props For sale

9. Photography tips n' tricks for Beginners

10. Photography - Education - Heck Yeah! / Ben Sasso

11. Newborn Photography 101 Original Little Dreamer Props

12. Photography For True Beginners

13. Photography For Beginners and Experienced Too

14. Digital Photography School

15. DSLR Photography for Beginners

16. Beginners Photography for Sale & Buy

17. Portrait Photography For Beginners

18. Photography for Beginners : Business

119. Beginners of Amateur Photography

20. The Bite Shot - We love food photography

21. Digital or not ~ Fine Art Photography

22. The Universe Of Color Photography

23. The Art of Portrait Photography

24. Beginners Photography Group

25. Photography For Beginners: Editing

26. Photography Gear For Beginners

27. Rosie Parson's Photography Group For Beginner

28. photography for beginners