12 Christmas Themed Photo Ideas for Your Instagram

12 Christmas Photo Ideas for Your Instagram - Filtercrave.png

It’s Christmas season again, what better way to spread holiday cheer than with posting Xmas photos to your audience. But what should you take pics of for Christmas? I totally understand being stuck when it comes to figuring out posts for IG. And finding inspiration can be a monotonous process. That’s why I created this list of Christmas Themed Photo Ideas for you! Plus I shared some great inspiration pics from Instagramers around the world.


1. Christmas Tree/Wreath

Trees and wreath are iconic items of Christmas, so try snapping a nice shot of a Christmas tree or reef for your first post. Whether your tree is super customized or more generic looking it doesn’t matter, it’s just about spreading holiday cheer.

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2. Christmas Lights

One of the main things I look forward to Xmas lights during this time of year. I love driving through neighborhoods and seeing people’s creativity displayed outside their homes. Try exploring your area at night and sharing a shot of your favorite Christmas lights or just show us your lights (they can be indoor or outdoor).

3. Indoor Decor/Still Life

Got any special pillows, wall art, or towels for Xmas?

4. Outdoor Decor

Christmas lights can fall under this idea as well, but there a lot of other types of outdoor decor you may have or across while exploring your town. I love when people have trees shaped like reindeer outside of their houses.

5. Gifts & Stockings

Try some close-ups and wide shots of Christmas gifts or stockings.

6. Christmas Treats

Anyone making gingerbread houses this year? I know I plan to make one!

7. Christmas Sweater Selfie

Grab your favorite Ugly Xmas Sweater and take a selfie. I’ll be posting one in my favorite Xmas sweater too.  

8. Christmas Pets

Pets + Christmas hats, self-explanatory haha.

9. Christmas Shopping

Get a nice crowd shop of the Xmas chaos in your local shopping center or mall. This is also a great opportunity to catch some pics of pretty Xmas decorations.

10. Christmas Parties

Whether you are throwing a party or attending one, don’t miss out on that opportunity to show your audience how you enjoy the holidays with your friends and/or family.

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11. Christmas Crafts & Wrapping

I put this at the end of the list because many of us (like myself) wait until the last minute to wrap gifts haha. So snap some shots of your gift wrapping chaos, or if you’re more organized inspire your audience to be more organized like you haha.

12. Christmas Day (random idea)  

Just shoot anything Xmas related. It can be winter landscape, the family gettogether, food, it's up to you!

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