10 Photo Ideas for Your Instagram Posts When You're Stuck


Catch yourself feeling stuck and unable to decide on your next Instagram post? Well, here are some quick and easy photo ideas to keep your Instagram looking fresh and attractive. 

1. Creative Selfie

It’s pretty obvious we humans love taking pics of ourselves. So you can’t really go wrong with posting a selfie from time to time. But consider wowing your audience with a creative selfie rather than a typical mirror or stand & pose shot, with no concern for the overall lighting or composition of the image. Don’t worry though, there’s need to be a pro photographer just pay a little more attention to lighting or get more creative with your cropping. *Tip: Diffused lighting (ex: cloudy lighting) is always the easiest route to go. 

🌈 today is actually about working and uni stuff 🌚 what do you do ?

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I just liked the lighting through my window 🌞

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2. Location

Chances are your audience loves to see where you are and where you’ve been. Whether you’re at home or out going to the grocery store, there is usually something cool in your vicinity to capture. If it’s the entire building get a nice wide shot, or if it’s the corner of your bedroom with really cool wall capture it.

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3. Workspace

Let your audience in on where you work your magic. Your workspace (s) can be a variety of places. It could be your corporate office space at your job, your personal desk area in your home, or a trendy setting at a coffee shop or coworking space. Showing your audience behind-the-scenes views of your brand makes it feel more human, so don’t always get to catch up on making your environment look perfect. But you might want to clean up the coffee stains on your desk before taking that shot :P.

4. Flat Lay

Almost everyone loves flat lay shots these days, so just grab some cool stuff in your setting, purse, briefcase, camera bag, backpack, etc.; lay it out, and shoot. Natural lighting usually makes the image feel more real and personable so shoot near a window. If the light is too harsh from the window, shoot a little further away from the light source to avoid harsh shadows.

5. Food

Can’t go wrong with food shots. I know my favorite images from brands I like are shots of what they're eating. If you post these shots around lunch time and see how your audience responds haha. 

6. Your Company

Take pics of your friends, family, or business buddies from time to time if they feel up to it. If they’re camera shy (like myself), try some back view shots, or just shoot images of their hands holding their phone or laptop. 

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7. Your Outfit

This is probably most common for fashion/lifestyle bloggers, but also be a great idea for other types of content creators. For example, if your brand is focused on traveling, take a pic of yourself in your hiking boots. It doesn’t always have to be a full body shot, it can just be a shot of you looking down at your shoes.

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8. Hobby

If you have a specific hobby you engage in from time to time take a snapshot of it. For example, I love playing video games during my free time. So I’ll take flat lays of my game controllers and games. Another example is if you like playing tennis for fun, take a snapshot of your tennis gear.

9. Pets

Who doesn’t love cute animal pics? Enough said, moving on :).

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10. Throwback Photos 

Go through older photos and post them. They can be old polaroids, photo album snapshots, or just photos you posted from a few months ago. Nothing wrong with reminiscing and reminding your audience of cool things from your past. 

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