Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom is an essential photo editing program used by photographers and creatives of all skill levels. It allows you to easily organize, edit, and share your photos. You will need a desktop copy of this program to use Lightroom Presets. I also highly recommend that you learn the basics of Lightroom before purchasing any presets or add-ons.

+ What are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom presets are .LRTemplate or XMP files that contain prearranged settings for Lightroom's sliders in the Develop Module. You can easily adjust the sliders after applying a presets. Some presets are stackable, some are not.

+ How will I receive my purchased presets?

Immediately after purchase confirmation, you should be redirected to an order confirmation page. The page will include an order number, purchase total, and a downlod link to your presets. You should also recieve an order confirmination in your email. If you are not automatically redirected to an order confirmation page or if you don't receive an email. Please contact me, and I will look into the issue asap.

+ Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of the product I do not issue refunds after the purchase has been processed. There is no way for you to return a digital product as you would return a physical product, therefore the refund would only result in a loss for Filtercrave. If you have any trouble with your files, please contact me and I will try to respond and remedy the situation asap. Refunds will only be considered if there is proof of error on my end or if all efforts to resolve a technical issue are proven to be unsuccessful.

+ How Do I Install Presets?

I have a tutorial for installing Lightroom Presets for Lightroom Classic CC on Desktop.

+ Are The Presets Moblie Friendly?

Yes! You can use them in Lightroom Mobile if you have a Creative Cloud Subscription. This tutorial explains the steps for Installing Presets to Lightroom Mobile.

+ I applied a preset and don't like the result, now what?

Presets are intended to be a starting point for your photo editing process. Sometimes you'll get the exact result you want from applying your preset alone, and sometimes you'll need to tweak and adjust the Develop sliders. Your final result is based on various factors such as your camera, lens, lighting, personal skill, and other variables. This is why I recommend that you have some prior knowledge of photography, editing, and Lightroom before purchasing Filtercrave products. Refunds are not issued due to lack of skill or knowledge.

+ Can I transfer presets to my new computer?

Absolutely! After downloading and backing up your presets, you can easily drag duplicate version of your preset files from your external storage device or cloud storage.

+ I lost my preset file, can you send them again?

After purchasing and downloading your preset file, it is highly recommended that you make multiple backups of your product files on more than one external storage device or cloud storage. I am typically able to resend copies of previously purchased files, but I can't guarantee that older products and previously purchased products will always be available to resend.

Please download your purchased files immediately or as soon as possible after purchase. I do not issue refunds due to expired files. But I am typically able to resend the link or send the file to you via Dropbox if you contact me with your order number and product name.

+ Which version of Lightroom should I have?

Filtercrave presets perform best in Lightroom 6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC.

Does the image file type affect the preset results?

Presets typcially work well on any file type that is compatible to import into Adobe Lightroom. However, you will get the best results with RAW and DNG files.

+ Can I request custom presets?

I do no currently offer presets customized per individual customer's request. However, I will look into creating a service/product around that.

+ I want my pics to look like this "..." Which collection do you recommend?

I am typically happy to recommend preset collections based on a style you express that you like. However, my recommendation does not guarantee the results you are looking for. I will recommend a collection that is as close as possible to the style you are looking for. Also, if you have a certain look you would like a recommendation based on, please provide links to the look you're referencing.

+ I downloaded my purchased preset collection. When I unzipped the file, a product folder(s) are missing. What do I do?

This seems to be a weird file error that occurs occassionally. If the error happens to your file, email me with your product number and product name. And I will send you a Dropbox Link (that typically expires in 7 days) of the full product file and its folders asap. You should be able to download a zipped product file from there. But if the missing file error occurs again, you may have to download each preset indivdually from the Dropbox folder.


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