How To Install Lightroom Presets | Lightroom Tutorial for Beginners

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Including Lightroom presets in your photography workflow can make a drastic difference how much time you spend editing and your consistency. Which is exactly why I offer Lightroom Presets here on Filtercrave. But before using the presets, you need to know how to install them. This quick tutorial will walk you through the simple steps of installing presets in for Lightroom. In this post is a video tutorial and a written tutorial. The written tutorial explains two methods.

(The video shows the first method, which is the method I recommend.)

Method 1 (Recommended)

1. Download the presets.
2. Unzip the Folder. 
3. Open Adobe Lightroom. 
4. Go to Lightroom> Preferences
5. Click Show Lightroom Presets Folder...  
6. Double Click Lightroom. Then Double Click Develop Presets folder. 
7. Copy or Drag n' Drop the folder of your downloaded presets into the Develop Presets folder. 
8. Now close and restart Lightroom. And your presets should be ready to go!


Method 2

1. Go to the Presets panel in the Develop Module.
2. Then right-click inside the Presets panel > Select New Folder > Name the folder (Ex: Lifestyle Blogger Vol. I - Filtercrave)
3. Then right-click inside your new folder > Select Import
4. Go to the file where you downloaded the preset file (make sure it's already unzipped).
5. Then select all the presets in that folder (CMD+A for Mac) > Click Import

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